Curdin Wüthrich


As young amateur landscape and travel photographer, I'm trying to capture the natural beauty of special places around the world, as well as just in the backyard of our everyday life. With the resulting images I try to show the beauty of our planet and at the same time show what we should try to preserve for future generations. 

Born in 1994, my main occupation apart from photography is being a physics student at the EPFL university in Lausanne, Switzerland, which clearly consumes most of my everyday life. Nevertheless, I have had the opportunity to be living and studying for a year in Trondheim, Norway. This experience made me discover a new level of beauty of Nature with its countless deep fjords, mountains, dense forests and rumbling waterfalls.

This idea of doing photography more seriously started about 3 years ago, and since then this endless search for inspiration and process of learning is ongoing. Today I can count to my achievements a publication of a photographic book “Iceland – A photographic Journey” (soon available in the online shop) together with my good friend Julien Lamour, a few awards in local and international competitions, and some published articles. 

What I specially love about the passion of landscape photography is that it forces you to leave your sofa, go out on an adventure and get lost in nature, while constantly having your eyes open and being on the lookout for a potential subject, only to come back later and capture it under the perfect light with the ideal conditions.

Another aspect that makes this hobby even more fascinating to me is the huge variety of tasks that come along with it. From the never ending progress of learning new things like how to build a website and marketing the finalized products, to meeting amazing people on your trips and sharing your passion with others. 

It can also be noticed that many travels under photographic motivation have marked my gallery and style significantly. I have been lucky enough to spend 5 months in New Zealand, which is actually the place where this fascination debuted, as well as going to remote places in Iceland, Northern Spain and Norway.


As all photographers know, gear is only secondary for a good image, but still I wanted to list here the material I use for those interested. Usually I try to keep as little as possible, as gear should most importantly never hold you back… And most of the time 80% of my backpack volume is already taken up by all sorts of camping gear, food and clothes that should prevent me from freezing while I try to take a shot. (Including some thing to keep my girlfriend warm who is quite often waiting somewhere in a  hopefully wind free spot, also trying not to freeze, and maybe some food for her too) :

  • Nikon D750

  • Nikon 16-35mm f/4.0

  • Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8

  • Sigma 2x converter

  • Feisol Carbon tripod

  • Bushman Panoramics Kalahari V2 Gimble head

  • Hoya circular polarizer

  • Hoya ND8 & ND500 Neutral density filter

  • Lowepro BP300 Sport Backpack

  • Photonix Intervallometer


  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for post processing

  • Nik Collection Plug-ins for further editing